What is Qtouch.Media ?

Qtouch (ASCAP) is the proud home of Wizardnow Music and Meditations, Wizardfx Experimental Music Projects. The name comes from the connection everyone and everything has to everyone else. So, at a Quantum level everything touches everything. Hence the name Qtouch. Whether it is through sound vibrations, thoughts, intentions, or energy we are all one.


Qtouch is also my own personal research and development project. It’s mission is to discover and investigate all forms of energy work. I have incorporated music, sound healing, brainwave entrainment, tuning forks, crystals grids and NLP into my own Quantum experience. I am also a Now Reiki Master, practicing Wizard, and Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; so take your pick. Thanks for reading all the fine print. Peace be with you.



Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguisitic Programming


William Welton with Richard Bandler

Practitioner Training 2009 – Orlando Florida


In the past I was a practitioner of Quantum Touch.

I can recommend the book Quantum Touch but not the organization.

I am not currently taking clients as a Certified Practitioner or Instructor of Quantum-Touch.

I can recommend the new Udemy Course I created called Qtouch Energetics.



Richard Gordon, Bill Welton and Jennifer Taylor at Quantum-Touch Conference 2007

(together a long time ago.)


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